The Motown Mission Experience is an urban work mission destination in Detroit, MI for Christian youth, college, and adult groups interested in economic disaster recovery work in the name of Jesus Christ.  Begun and continuing as a United Methodist connected organization, the Motown Mission offers an experience deeply rooted in Wesleyan theology and the contemporary UMC's call to mission and service as a means for individual and communal transformation.

For $299 per Person

  • Live at historic Metropolitan UMC
  • Participate in great evening activities like worship, small group conversations, a Detroit Tigers baseball game or other cultural event, live concerts by local musicians, and great speakers from around Detroit. 
  • Work at project sites from 9am-4pm (with on half work day).
  • One afternoon open for Detroit excursions of your group's choosing.


Motown Mission accommodations for large groups in the Summertime are at Metropolitan UMC in the New Center Area of Detroit. We use a number of Sunday School rooms there as dormitories. We have access to about 50 beds, 40 air mattresses and 20 cots for use by those in need.  Participants who would like to bring their own air mattresses or cots are invited to do so. Guys and girls usually are on two separate floors. Showers are in the basement by the gymnasium and are individual stalls. All meals are included in the $299/person cost (Sunday Dinner - through Saturday breakfast) except dinner on your half work day.  Lunches are made and bagged in the mornings and taken to the work sites, and dinners are cooked and provided by Motown Mission staff and/or volunteers from supporting churches.

For smaller groups during the school year, accommodations are at Motown Mission's Foundry House, an apartment building at 1449 Webb Avenue with beds, dining, and gathering space for up to 15.

Work Projects

All groups will be engaged in economic disaster recovery work projects. Motown Mission Experience partners with home repair agencies in the Joy-Southfield, Brightmoor, and Wyoming-Plymouth neighborhoods of Detroit, MI. These partners prepare lists of work projects, home owners, and other volunteers that we partner with for work projects. Other partner organizations include feeding and greening ministries like the NOAH Project, Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, and more.  Motown works with each group to match your skill level and interests with appropriate projects.  More intensive home repair/construction projects are reserved for older or more experienced groups.

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Evening Activities

Each evening of your Motown Mission Experience, the Motown Staff help you prepare and lead worship and devotionals to reflect on your day of service work.  Special outings, including visits to other local church bible studies give an introduction into the diversity of religious communities in Detroit.  And, each week the Motown Staff work with you to organize and evening out for a cultural event, like a Tiger's baseball game or visit to one of Detroit's museums.  All these help participants understand that this work that they do is happening in an active community of people whom God loves and who have much to share with visitors.


The Motown Mission Experience began in 2005 as a one week trip for Middle School students from Birmingham First UMC.  Since then it has grown under the umbrella of the Young Leaders Initiative and with ongoing support from the United Methodist Union of Greater Detroit and individual donors.  As of Summer 2015 Motown Mission has welcomed over 3,000 young people to Detroit, Michigan and has put over $2 Million worth of volunteer hours and monetary contributions in this city!


As a United Methodist related organization Motown Mission seeks to connect young people to Wesleyan principles of faith and service.   So, each week we create opportunities for teams to help the people in the city (social holiness) fight poverty and other effects of the economic crisis.  Then, with moments of prayer and reflection we help teams explore how God is changing lives and transforming hearts (personal holiness).  Motown Mission welcomes participants from any and all Christian traditions interested in doing no harm, learning how to do good, and practicing staying in love with God.


Over the years Motown Mission has helped over 3,000 participants from 200 churches offer 95,000 hours of volunteer work to the people of the City of Detroit.  In total the value of this time and material now add up to over $2 Million worth of service to this city in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Volunteer Hours & Money to Projects

Combined value of $2 Million over 11 years.