Summers of Service


Each year young adults come to Detroit to  develop leadership skills, engage in spiritual discernment, and live in community with one another, creating lifelong friendships with other young adult church leaders.

  • Paid Summer Internship - room + board are provided, in addition to receiving a stipend of $3000 and returning staff earn more each year they serve.

  • Spiritual Discernment - staff meet with local religious leaders to learn about different roles in ministry (Elders, Deacons, lay staff, camping staff, missionaries, and more)

  • On-Site and Off-Site Training - staff will train for two weeks and will explore the city of Detroit while doing so. Then we'll meet up with another Michigan Area young adult internship program at a camp up north to gain some professional development that will pay off far beyond Motown Mission (volunteer management, business etiquette, discovering spiritual gifts, etc).

  • Intentional Living - staffers live together in intentional Christian community

In Detroit

Motown is an amazing place.  US-2 and other mission personnel regularly arrive, serve, and stay longer than they intend.  There is something about living and serving God here that changes people's lives.  That's why we invite young adults to experience Detroit through these Summers of service.  Come, serve, get to know the people, enjoy the culture, and fall in love with this place and with the work happening here in the name of Jesus.


Apply to Serve

Please use the form below to apply by February 1st to serve with us in Detroit this upcoming Summer 2020.  It's a rolling process so earlier entries get considered first!  Applications are welcome from young adults who:

  • Have graduated from High School and have completed at least one year of college or work experience

  • Are looking for a Summer experience that engages their Christian faith in mission and service

  • Are willing to live and participate in intentional Christian community

  • And are seeking opportunities to discern God's further call in their life