Rippling Hope Work Team Plans

The Rippling Hope Leaders!

The Rippling Hope Leaders!

Use the form on this page to send our Rippling Hope partners your group's work team plan.

 The jobs listed to the right represent the categories of projects Rippling Hope has set up with their neighborhood partners.  This form is your chance to tell us which of these projects your team can complete.  

Please plan for at least one adult to present on each work team.  If there is a job category that you don't have skills or knowledge in, please leave that field blank and distribute your team among the other projects.


Rippling Hope "Tools to Bring" Worksheet

Distribute Your Group Into Work Teams Here!

Work Team Plan
Please divide your group into these specific work teams based on your skill level and interest. If your group doesn't have knowledge/skill in a particular area, then leave that one blank and distribute your participants among the rest of the work areas.
Yard Cleanup/Landscaping/Gutter Cleanout teams are 4-6 depending on size of yard and extent of project.
Installation of Door Locks/Knobs & Security/Storm Doors. Teams of 2-3.
Weatherization (Caulking and Weatherstriping) Team of 4-6 participants.
Exterior Painting (typically one car garage, or porch railings & security doors). Teams of 6.
Interior Painting (typically bathroom, kitchen, bedroom). Teams of 4-6 depending on size & #.
Plumbing (generally toilet and faucet replacement) Teams of 3 maximum depending on skill.
Disconnect home downspouts from city storm drains. Teams of 4.
General Minor Carpentry. Team of 4-6 depending on scope of job (includes fence repair, wooden porch repair, handicap ramp repair, handicap ramp building, installation of plexiglass)