Please use the form below to send us your feedback about your Motown Mission experience.  Leaving your name and email are helpful so we can follow up with you on any questions or suggestions you have.  Thanks for participating with us and we hope that each week of Motown Mission is better than the last, your considered responses here can help make that happen. (Click here if you'd prefer to download a pdf of this form and send it back via USPS to 8000 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48202)

How did we do?
How did we do?
Please rate your experience with various parts of the Motown Mission Experience.
Accommodations were adequate for my group's needs.
Meals were nutritious and tasted good.
Projects were well organized and fit my group's skills and interest.
Programs in the evenings engaged us in spiritual reflection and encouraged us in our work.
Communication between Motown staff and our group leaders was clear and forthcoming.
I'd recommend Motown Mission to friends and other church groups.
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Survey 1
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