Revelation 22:1-5

1.  Before your arrival, what concerns have you heard about the City of Detroit?  What visions of the City have you seen in the news or online?

2. What have you prayed about before coming to Motown Mission?

3. What new prayers come to mind as you arrive and start to serve alongside our Detroit neighbors?


Matt 5:13-16

1. What brought you here?

2. Who in your life influenced your decision to come serve? 

3. What do you wish to accomplish while you are here? 


Mark 12:38-44

1. What are your spiritual gifts?

2. How can you use these gifts throughout the week?

3. How have you seen others use their spiritual gifts?


Matt 25:31-40

1. What have you been doing to serve throughout this week?

2. How can you continue to serve when you go home?

3. Why do you serve, who do you serve?


James 1:19-27

1. What previous perceptions that you have had about the city were changed for you this week?

2. What did you enjoy most in serving with the people in Detroit? 

3. How can you spread God's message beyond this service project?