What is it like to host teams?

We asked US-2 Lynda what it is like to host teams…
“You learn something new every time,” she says.


I’ve always been a more hands-on sort of young lady and never shy away from a crowd. When realizing that welcoming groups would be part of my job, it never frightened me. I’ve been in choir all my life and was in my school band all throughout high school. I’m an entertainer at heart, so welcoming teams was a bonus. While those things have thought me to be comfortable before a large group of people, facilitating groups taught me the value of behind the scene work.

Planning for a group has many steps: shopping for supplies ahead the team arriving, planning the day’s work, figuring out where and what teams will be doing, sending an update to project partners about them receiving groups, reaching out to groups to double confirm they have the correct address and work plan, getting an estimated time of arrival, and much more!

Facilitating a group is incredible - I get to tell them a bit about myself and my call from God, and about what Motown Mission is. I also get to share about the General Board of Global Ministries. Additionally, I have the opportunity to share about the project partners and the work that is before us. Working with teams taught me to work “alongside” instead of hovering over the team while they are attempting to get the work done, it taught me to speak up in a situation when you notice the work is not being done the proper way, and to be able to demonstrate how to do it accordingly. It has taught me that you can't just be your job title - this provides limitations. Rather, you can be right with them, in the middle of the work, eating lunch together, telling stories, hearing perspectives, and sharing laughs. Although through times, I’ve mastered a routine about hosting team, every team are different. You learn something new every time.