Returning to Motown for year two...?

Nykeshia shares her perspective on returning to serve Motown Mission as Summer Center Director.

This summer was my second at Motown Mission. I learned so much about missions and non-profit work last summer, I decided to come back, but in a different capacity. I took on the role of center director, a major difference from the position I held last summer. Looking at my experience, from two different positions, I am so appreciative of all the knowledge I have gained during my two summers here. I think that the biggest lessons I have learned from my time here in Detroit, is to take chances, and be honest with yourself and others.


When I first decided I was going to commit to a summer of service in Detroit I was so scared. The thought of being away from home, for so long was terrifying. Even this year, when I decided to return and take on the role of center director, I was nervous. Motown has taught me the importance of taking chances and being brave because you never know what opportunities you will miss out on. Don’t be afraid to step out on your faith and try something new, even if that means traveling across country for a summer of service in a city new to you. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and make new friends, or have conversations with people who don’t have the same views as you. Welcome situations that may challenge you, and allow them to become valuable learning experiences.

I have also learned to honest with myself and people I share space with. Work days are so long, and while you are living in intentional community with the same people who you work with, it is important to speak up for yourself and voice when you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, or when you want to express where you saw God that day, your joys, etc. Not only are you working, but you are apart of a community that Motown has built around you and will experience so many things with amazing people who are in the same stage in life as you. Lean on your fellow team members for support, and be present. The summer will go by fast, and you should savor it.

Nykeshia is a junior at Tuskegee University.