Not Knowing What to Expect


What to Expect

when you're expecting...?

I came into this job knowing nothing about what I was going to be doing this summer. I knew I had a lot of options as to what my position might look like here, but I really had no idea what to expect. Not having any idea as to what my job was, was nerve wracking. I was worried I was not in the right spot, that God might be using this as a stepping stone to push me into someplace that I could gain something from. I was scared that I was unqualified or unable to do the jobs that were given to me. Motown has been none of what I just said, and everything I could have asked for.

Motown Mission has allowed me to stretch myself, but putting myself in a clear position of authority of those older than me. Even with that, I still feel comfortable being in that position though, just by how much help and prep is given to you at the start of the summer. This is not an easy job though. I was wondering if I would just be able to glide along and give no effort at all. I was expecting that this might be a waste of a summer. That has also been tremendously wrong.

I have had to put so much of myself into this job. Your position is important each and every day, and because of that, you need to be prepared to give all of yourself each and everyday. Every part of you needs to be healthy: body, mind, spirit, soul. It all matters. You are working with volunteers who are looking up to you for guidance and help through the whole week. You must be able to have a good week, because they need to. This part alone has been so helpful for me. It has enabled me to understand how my actions affect those around me and how to make sure that I keep those parts of me healthy and respect them. I came in with no expectations and left with skills that will last me a lifetime.

Austin is a senior at Taylor University majoring in Communications.