Why did Kyra choose Motown?


It comes to a point where a young adult is trying to figure out what they want to do with their life, feeling incomplete, and uninspired I took a leap of faith.. Literally. One night one of my closest friends was talking to me about her past summer internship - all the cool non-profit organizations she worked with, and all the different volunteers she formed bonds with. Intrigued, I applied literally at three in the morning. Soon as the application process began, I felt my faith growing. I was constantly praying for this opportunity, and having faith that God was going to bless me with it. I applied December and literally got accepted in May so you can only imagine the anxiety I faced everyday, wondering if I got a position, would I be able to escape the routine I faced every summer (working, and going to the beach). Finally I got the call and I was chosen. Therefore I honestly did not choose Motown, Motown chose me. I chose Motown because I wanted to be apart of a difference and do something I could be proud to say I did. I can definitely say that happened when “I chose Motown,” I say that statement only because this process has taught so much about myself as a person, the tools that I have picked up with working for Motown will come in handy. I have learned skills that will better my work ethic; I have built better problem solving skills, leadership skills, and communication skills. Motown can definitely be a challenging at times, but the rewards and the skills you pick up along the way are priceless. Originally my plan was to “pick" Motown because I wanted something different to do with my summer, and it definitely was that but it was also way more!


Kyra is a sophomore at Jefferson State University majoring in Psychology.