Applying to the GMF US-2 Program

Why did you decide to apply for the GMF US-2 program?

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In 2016, I decided to join a mission program in Florida called YAMM: “young adult missionary movement.” Anyone who joins the Global Mission Fellow program (GMF) who goes to Florida will participate in this program.

Before GMF, I just happened to do the program. Toward the end of my one-year YAMM program, Director Heidi shared the GMF program with me. She noticed how much I grew and told me about the program four days before the application closed, so I had very little time to think about it. The little time I spent, I thought about everything I learned with the Glades Initiatives, which is the non-profit I was placed with. I worked as the course coordinator for their “Cooking Matters” course, I interacted with most of the people in that town because we offered the course essentially everywhere in the Belle Glade area. I have long interacted with community members or young children in high and middle schools. I thought how miserable I was before doing a regular job that didn't fulfill me spiritually, how happy I was in a city where I had no friends or family for the past year. The community was very welcoming, very warm, so I thought I would sign up if it were something like that. I applied for GMF, went through the very long process of interviewing and got accepted.

So far - with everything I learned and helping me put my goals and dreams into perspective - I don't regret this decision at all. I decided to go to the missionary field after working in the hospital as a CNA – it just didn’t do it for me anymore. I wasn't happy. I never was one to stay if I wasn't happy anywhere. I enjoyed working with the elders (i.e. taking them a shower when they haven't been bathed in days) and it usually brought joy to my heart to see their happiness through simple acts of service, but at one point it didn’t bring me joy any longer. Instead of being grumpy and staying in that job, I decided to seek God through my work and since then I’ve been on cloud nine.


Lynda began serving as a US-2 with Motown Mission in July of 2017. She will be in Detroit until summer of 2019. For more information on the GMF US-2 program, click here: