My Detroit

Well let me start off by telling you that I am NOT a writer. This fact became very clear after our staff sat down and decided to look back on our applications for this job and my answers were only two sentences compared to the paragraphs the other staff had produced. Keep that in mind as you proceed.

So what drove this crazy Floridian, attending an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) with an almost unhealthy obsession with orange juice to fly (for the first time) down (everything is down for southerners) to Detroit?…. Well as a broke college student I’d bet that’s reason enough. But to further elaborate; my professor began a Wesley Foundation on our campus Fall ‘15 and at the end of Spring semester she provided us with a handful of internship opportunities for the summer. Motown Mission was my pick and here I sit today writing this!

Before coming to Detroit my idea of a missionary was of a slightly creepy older woman with a bible ready to smack some Jesus into your life. But now, eight weeks later I can say that perception has completely changed. These volunteers didn’t push God onto the people of Detroit, instead they SHOWED who and how God can work in your lives through the actions of others. Each new Sunday brought another group of volunteers and every Saturday I had to part ways with people I had grown attached to. Over the course of a week these groups had somehow created a place in my heart for themselves. My eyes watered (but ONLY watered because only city girls cry) on more than one occasion as I waved farewell to those who had come to lend a helping hand to a brother or sister in the eyes of God who they probably will never see again.

My Motown Mission Experience was realizing that God has purpose for all the things that happen in our lives. I had no idea that my decision to work at Motown would be exactly what I needed. I earned more than just money this summer. I found friends who will sit with me at 12 in the morning and just talk about the meaning of life (42), I met OODLES of young people with a crazy obsession with Hamilton just like me, I learned that chicken can be seasoned with Italian dressing (shocker right) and one of the biggest things Detroit has shown me is that humanity is everywhere we just have to be willing to open our eyes. Each person I have come in contact with has changed me for the better and even if I don’t ever see these people again I thank God for the time I was able to have with them.                                                                                                                                                                    

Carlista is a junior at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University studying Psychology