The Motown Mission Registration Process (for summer, full-week participants):

Payment Schedule 

  1. $95 –  Group Registration Fee (due at the time of initial registration) This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  2. $100/person -- 1st deposit (due by November 1 for summer service weeks)
  3. $165/person -- 2nd deposit (due by March 1 for summer service weeks)
  4. $50/person -- Remaining balance (due 2 weeks pre-trip).

Note: 1st deposit not received by scheduled due dates may result in loss of volunteer spaces.


We are so excited to welcome you for a Motown Mission service week!  Please register through our Registration Page to get us some more details about your group. 


Prepare Your Group

Located on our "downloads" page, you can find:

  • An example schedule of a week trip
  • Fliers for Summer, Spring Break, and Adult Trips
  • Group leader prep packet
  • Yearly theme packet with prep activities for your planning meetings
  • Documents for individuals: medical forms, packing list, insurance information