Prayer Collage

Throughout the summer we have invited groups to join in building a "house of prayer." This collage is a collection of some of those prayers, these are the real heart felt words and drawings that only servants of God in mission could produce.



 "I pray that the hope we have ignited burns long after we leave... and the change in our hearts spreads awareness of those who need us to be God's hands and feet"

"Help us build a youth ministry where kids experience you and are made strong followers of Jesus"

"I want to pray a prayer of blessing over the city of Detroit and over Motown Mission. I pray the work that we were able to do for this community will make a difference, not just this week but continually. Help it to be an example of God's Love. I pray that you will be with the interns as they continue to make a difference fo this city after we have left. Help the other groups coming to Detroit through Motown Mission to see the chance to make a difference they have. Please help them to serve You to the fullest. I pray that this experience continues to help our youth grow and that we will continue to make a difference you You in this world." 

"My prayer is that hope can be restored to your city. Destruction and despair can be beaten and overcome and that God's presence can be felt throughout." 

"Greater things are yet to come and greater things have yet to be done in Detroit!"


 "I pray for the family too afraid to step outside because of the crack dealers in the abandoned house next door. I pray for an end to the fear that has held Detroit captive for far too long."

"Just Peace and Love."

"Bless this wonderful group of people. They have impacted so many lives in such a great way. I pray that they take their experience this week and continue to do great things. I see such a bright future in these children, in these peers, and in these leaders."

"Father, your children here are hurting. Let them feel your presence surround them and your love hold them. Give them the ability to hold onto hope of a future better than they have dreamed. Christ have mercy."

"Thank you for the changes made in this city, your city. I pray that your work continues long after this week."

"Watch over the children we met. Hold them in your hands and keep them safe. Send them people who can help them to realize their potential and then achieve it."

"I pray for Detroit. I pray for all the lives we touched this week. But I also pray for the lives here we did not get the chance to touch. I pray that their lived will be touched soon. Changes are being made. I pray things keep changing. I pray for each child and parent we helped by making it safer. I pray for all the things that got done and also all those that didn't That they will be done soon. You are changing things. Thank you."

"I pray for those who need help in this city. That due to our work, they may feel the need to change their city too, and help their neighbors." 


"For the future of Detroit."

"For those who still do not know of Joy-Southfield."

"For those who will be at St. Peters next week."

"I know we only spent a week in your city, but I pray that it will start a change that will create a movement here. It was really nice getting to know your people. I pray that it will one day return to its former glory."

"Help Motown take the steps to help save themselves."

"Please help all the people in Detroit. It's really a big shame to see what they have to survive through. Thanks for everything."

"God please help Detroit in its time of need."

"Thank you for showing me through all the diversity in life... We are all the same. Thank you for the road map to true serenity, happiness and purpose... please make me wise enough to see you will and not my own."






"Thank you for the ministry of your spirit among us!"

"Thank you for the many believers who are working together to bring healing to Detroit."

"Thank you for the unity of Spirit that took place with the team."

"Lord, pour out grace and healing upon Detroit."

"Holy Spirit, restore the city to its place of prosperity, that the glory of the Lord falls upon us. Lord break the spirit of poverty, fear and shame within its walls."

"Lord, use the Church to bring your light into the darkness."

"Thank you for helping us grow closer to you and the people around us in our work this week. We have changed so many peoples lives and gotten so much accomplished."

"That all the busted out windows may someday have to be replaced to have families inside."

"Thank you for this week. You have been doing so much in this city and love this city. Thank you for putting it on the hearts of those in charge to put on this trip so we can visibly see what difference one person can do. We were able to be your hands and feet, serving others. It didn't seem like much work for us - but to those living in the neighborhood it made a difference and brought hope. Thank you for Brick. For his sister and family - for the refreshment we were able to bring them in simply cleaning a yard. Let him know you through that. He saw you though us. Thank you that we were able to be You to him. Thank you for our group who came, for those who grew this week and know you more because of it. Let us not forget what we have learned and experienced this week." 


 "Lord, a house is broken, a house is in disrepair, a house is ugly. Your love, Your servants changed a house that's fixed, a house repaired, a house that is beautiful. Your love changed our hearts, your love changed the hearts of those with the house, Your love made a garden grow without weeds, your love made people happy and gave them hope."

"Here in Detroit there are wounds, deep cuts that are leaving deep scars. So even though I believe that we touched so many people in this week, all of the people need assistance not just a select few. So please God love these people and send them your strength, so it will help heal this city. This city is all so filled with hopeful people. Please give them courage. Love. Love. Love."

"Help us to remember that through you, we can be the hands and feet, the light and hope for a world in need. Give us the courage and strength to stand up to and fight injustice wherever we might find it."

"I pray people realize how beautiful the city of Detroit is already, and how wonderful it can be."

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace - let me be an answer to someone's prayers, as Detroit has been to mine."

"That families of all ages can live in safe and happy communities, in harmony. That all of the architecture, vibrancy, and business of the old Detroit will be brought back." 

 "Thank you God for the blessings of this week. I say "thank you" for showing us that there are still people willing to fight for their land and there is still life in the city. I give thanks for seeds that have been planted, stories that have started, and plans that have been laid. May the blessings of this week spill out into our daily lives and carried over into the cities and towns we have all come from. May Your grace and peace abide in us all."

"I pray this city sees the light in such a dark place. I pray it's citizens regain hope and look to see your face. I pray your will be done to turn this base into hope, into peace, into love, into you."

"I pray that the people of Detroit will derive hope from the people who have come to help them. May the people return home to do some actions step asa result of having gone to Detroit."

"Your love is all we need to change a life. Thank you Lord for Your abundant love."

"I pray for great communities, strong families and places of love and safety."

"Every kid in this city has a place to come 'home'"

"I pray that the other groups of kids that come down to Detroit get just as attached as we did to all the homeless and the homeowners that we helped in some way."

"Work in ways beyond our understanding in the lives of those we seek to serve in your name."

"I pray for the education of the kids of Detroit; and that they will emulate people like Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and Barak Obama."







"Please help people who live in Detroit to have hope and find you in everything. For Ken and Maria - Hope, Strength, and Patience."

"Help us to continue making the world a better place. Help the hurt, hungry, and homeless. Be with the people in Detroit, the helpers and the helpless, the hopeful, and hopeless. Lets drive poverty away."

"You have created Detroit and walked its streets through good days and ugly days. You have used us this week to make a difference, to "change the world" for some people in this city. May we take new attitudes home with us and let the world know you are the "God of this city" and that greater things are still to be done here!"

"Thank you for everything I have learned on this trip. Thank you for pushing me out of my element and having me try new things. My faith in you has been strengthened. This trip has taught me things I will never forget. The memories here will stay with me forever."

"Spread the Joy in Detroit. I hope that Motown Mission keeps going for a long, long time, and get other groups to do similar things. I also hope that the Joy-Southfield gets bigger."

"Please help the high school kids and help them live a great life."

"Detroit is Your city and thank for reminding me it's my city too! When we work with you we can make a difference in a big problem. Help is to keep making a difference and help everyone living here to have hope and have your love and peace guide them."

"I pray that the joy I saw in the people of Detroit will be contagious; that it will spread throughout the neighborhoods and among the people, young and old. I pray they will have hope. Enough to take action to carry on the work I now have to leave. I pray for an army of joyful, hopeful people who are energized to recreate this beautiful city - and make it better than its ever been."