Foundry House - Est. 2013

We are excited to introduce a new housing option for United Methodist and other missional volunteers in the City of Detroit.  The Foundry House is a new facility recently donated to Motown Mission which will serve as small group housing for Motown Mission teams, and will be available to other groups serving with our partners around the Motor City. 

These accomodations are an easy drive from partners like the NOAH Project, Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, Joy-Southfield Community Development and others.   It is a perfect home base for VIM groups, weekend youth retreats, and more.  Check with us to see if your partner org is interested in housing you at the Foundry House, or set up a week with Motown Mission at our registration page.

Please find more info below, and use the form on this site to suggest a date you might make use of this missional destination!  Suggested donation for guests is $10/person per night. 


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Please use this form to suggest a date for a visit and to tell us a bit about your trip plans.
Please tell us about your trip, who you plan to serve with, if you need assistance in setting up work or program, and what the makeup of your group will be.


1449 Webb Ave, Detroit, MI 48206

Facilities Include:

  • Dates Available: August 11 - May 24
  • Sleeping and gathering space for up to 15 individuals
  • Two full bathrooms
  • 1 full kitchen
  • Washer and dryer for clothes
  • Bunk beds and cots are available
  • Gated parking for up to 5 vehicles

Suggested Donation:

$10/person Per Night