Interested in Staff? My time at Motown Mission...


The services, experiences, and assistance that Motown Mission provides each year, to not only those that are served but everyone volunteering and on staff, is something that is hard to recreate or experience anywhere else.

Going into the summer I had some idea as to what was entailed with working on staff but I did not completely know what my work would be or what my experience would bring. However, I had an open mind about learning new things, taking on different tasks and challenges, and living with people I had not met before.

By working with Motown Mission for the summer I forged new friendships with people that I continue to stay in touch with to this day, I faced many challenges that built me to be more prepared, and formed a new appreciation for all Detroit has to offer.

Detroit is an amazing city to live and work in that is severely misunderstood due to longstanding stereotypes. During the summer I grew to appreciate Detroit and all it has to offer in the people I interacted with and the neighborhoods I had the opportunity to serve in.

My summer at Motown was an experience that I would never want to change and was something that has helped build me into the person that I am today, I could not have expected a better more character building summer.


Andrew Netter is a senior at Michigan State University, majoring in business and political science.