Working with Mrs. Shivers - Shanti Madhavan

Motown Mission has been an experience that I will never forget. Last week, a volunteer asked one of the project supervisors how they could continue working and serving in the city every day of the summer. I feel what helps me continue is the amazing people that we get to meet and serve. While working in Neighbors Building Brightmoor with a group from Athens, Ohio we met Gwen Shivers. Mrs. Shivers runs a day care at a community garden that she has created and taken care of. The children get to play and help out in the garden. It was full of strawberry plants that the preschoolers would eat for snacks. Mrs. Shivers had just gotten back from a trip to visit her family and had not been expecting us. She said that we had been a blessing though because her garden was in desperate need of weeding and that we had been had helped her not feel so lonely that day. It is times like these that convince me that God has a plan for where we are and who we meet. Mrs. Shivers is a blessing to her community and I was very happy to have a chance to help her.