Setting Up a Wonderful Week - James Brinker

It was week three when I had the chance to work with the group from Manistee, Michigan. We met up, and discussed our plans for the week, and how we desired to bring God into our work, which was minor home repair with Rippling Hope. These plans were to reach out to home owners with love and prayer. The group took to the plan immediately. I had the chance to pray with them on the way to the work site, and to pray for homeowners.

I remember the first day when we were split up, and I had to leave early. I wondered if my half of the group reached out well, or if the intern with the other half had reached out. That night, I discovered that my half had learned of some medical problems with the homeowner that they prayed for. I also was told that the other half of the Manistee group was praying with their homeowner while at the work site. These messages are encouraging and helped to assure me that we were creating meaningful encounters. That first day set up for a wonderful week, filled with fellowship, good attitudes, and service toward the people of Detroit.