Dixboro and Joy Southfield - Janelle Young


Week 2 at Motown Mission I worked with a group from Dixboro United Methodist. I was greatly blessed to work with them. The group was a good mix of middle and high schoolers from the Ann Arbor area, and we worked together in preparing a farmers market with the project partner Joy Southfield.

During the week we pulled weeds from the parking lot, constructed an above ground garden structure, planted some herbs, lettuce and spinach in the garden, trimmed back trees, and the biggest task was taking out the parking lot median. We had to start by digging out the weeds growing in the median, then we wanted to utilize the soil under the weeds for our garden, the trouble was the soil was infused with a lot of rocks and clay. We spent a large sum of our time turning the soil and picking rocks out of it, then dumping those rocks in a pile, then after that spending hours trading off sledge hammer duty to break down the curb of the median. This work was certainly tedious and tiresome, but not a complaint was made.

That was incredible. To see a group of middle and high schoolers picking rocks and throwing a sledge hammer for hours without complaint, but also with JOY! They told jokes; they sang worship songs together; it filled my heart. Waking up every day to shovel, and pick rocks, and sledge hammer was such a joy knowing I would be doing it with my friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ from Dixboro. God was with us doing our work at Joy Southfield, and it was so good. Every week holds in store new groups and incredible children of God, but there is a special place in my heart for my friends from Dixboro.