A Walk Through Detroit

     The scene surrounding Metropolitan United Methodist Church is usually a quiet one.  Set smack dab on Woodward cars whizzing by is the typical sound.  Until one Thursday night a circle of people enclosing hands sparks the attention of passers by.  A group of suburban kids gather next to a garden across from the church in a dangerous alley.  In the midst of prayers flying up about growing food and the safety of children a man pulls himself closer to his first floor window and listens to the prayers.  As the group finishes praying the man thanks them and says he will take the garden as his own.  He sees the revival of Detroit happening from his own window.  He is ready to take the plunge into renewal, just like the kids whose safe homes are only 30 minutes away in the suburb. 

     We were fortunate enough to host a team from Under 1 Ministries in Canton from Connection Church one week.  They were given directions and information about the city one night to drive around and cover they city in prayer.  The scenes were incredible.  As we drove past the Detroit Police department there was a circle of kids praying for prisoners, police officers, safety and millions of other prayer requests.  In the front of a Detroit high school suburban high schoolers pray for the safety and passion of other high schoolers.  A feeling of community with Detroit and with the Lord ensues through traveling around the city and lifting it up in prayer.  It was an incredible feeling and experience for the group.

   It is a small picture of the power of prayer and the delight of serving in a place so close to your home.  Big things are happening in Detroit and with prayer and the Lord we can be a part of the revival.