Sarah Interviews some Motown Missionaries!

Picture: Sarah, 2010 Intern, weeding at D-Town Farms, an urban garden located in Rouge Park.

Summer 2010 was an amazing summer in Detroit! God has reached the lives of the people of Detroit and the participants who came from across the country. While at Motown Mission Experience groups are able to dive into God’s word each and every day. Each day at MME, groups experience a time of morning devotion and an evening worship hour, complete with music, scripture and prayer! In order to share where and how God revealed himself this summer I took a few minutes to talk to some middle school students who came to MME this summer. I spoke with Tyler, Taylor, Elise, Kristen and Chloe.


Sarah: For some of you, this was a new experience, staying with your youth group in Detroit for a week. What was that like?

Tyler: I thought it was awesome!

Taylor: Yes, I think we all got to know each other a little better because we did everything as a group. We got to do fun things together and it helped you know people better.

Sarah: Where did you see God during your week at Motown Mission?

Elise: I saw God in several places actually, but mostly in three major areas; at D-Town Garden, at Metro UMC in all of the amazing interns, and at Cody High School, where we really did make a difference in one boy's summer.

Kristen: I saw God in all the people who came to help us at our work sites.


Sarah: Did you grow in your faith with God while at Motown? How? 

Kristen: Yes, my faith with God did grow while I was at Motown Mission. It was a life changing experience to be helping people.

Chloe: Yeah, it showed me so much. I learned how God loves everyone and even though the media shows Detroit as "hard-core," "unforgiving," and "dangerous," the people there are really nice and good Christians. I also learned how to trust God more. I used to think “How can he be such a great guy, if he lets all these bad things happen in the world?” But then I realized that working together to fix these things brings out the good in people. It strengthens relationships between us and God and us and other Christians.

Elise: Yes, I did grow my faith with God at Motown. Seeing how much a group of kids can make a difference is truly a wonderful thing to behold, but we can only do it with God's help.


Sarah: Thank you so much for talking with me! I am so glad you enjoyed your week at Motown Mission and that you were able to walk away with more than just a few fun memories. God is here in Detroit and I am so excited to see what He will do in future summers.

MME participants, Zach and Amelia read through their morning devotions.