TRAINING: May 27-30

At Lake Louise United Methodist Camp
11037 Thumb Lake Rd, Boyne Falls, MI 49713

Be making your own plans to get there!

MOVE IN:  May 31 - June 1

1449 Webb, Detroit, MI 48405




Welcome to Motown Mission 2014 Staff!

Next Steps

  1. Fill out this paperwork and return to

    • W4 - Please use an address at which you will be able to receive your W2 form in early 2015,
    • I-9
      • Include a scanned copy of your passport
      • OR scanned copies of both your drivers license and birth certificate
      • OR scanned copies of both your drivers license and Social Security number card.
    • * NEW!!!!  A copy of your Social Security Card (if you didn't send it with I9 form)
  2. Create a Fundraising Project on REVGO.ORG 

    • Sign-Up on the site:
    • Then "Create A Project" on the My Account screen
    • Set your goal to $1000
    • Use the time between now and May 27 to try and complete your crowdfunding goal!  Speak at your home church, send email updates on your hopes for the summer, upload pictures to at least once a week.
  3. Join the Motown Mission 2014 Staff Facebook Page

    • This group is great for sharing news, dates, documents, and for connecting with your other staff members!